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all the sudden who see the whole team recoil in horror. people were crying at the site. for more you can watch cnn's all access, the final four with rachel nichols this saturday at 3:00. great interview. thanks for watching. "believe with jake tapper" starts right now chblg. it was a back breakup. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." south carolina's governor clears a major hurdle in his political comeback four years after he took a mysterious vacation. as of last night he's the republican nominee for his old congressional seat. can he beat stephen colbert's sister of all people? breaking news, north korea green lights a nuclear strike as they -- the defense shields. and fewer than three dozen
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agents tasked with chasing down 20,000 dangerous people with guns, and that's just in california alone. how do you enforce the laws already on the books with those odds? the national lead from the appalachian trail to the comeback trail. mark sanford is now the republican nominee for an open congressional seat in south carolina. the same state he ran as governor where he developed a reputation for fiscal conservatism, though he figured understood the cloud of an extramarital affair. he may have found a measure of forgiveness from voters in his victory last night with his former mistress, now fiance by his side. >> incredibly humbled, incredibly gratified, incredibly grateful for this night. >> sanford still has to survive
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the may 7th general election against democrat elizabeth colbert-busch. you may have heard of her brother, comedian stephen colbert. governor, congratulations on your victory. i want to ask you out of the breaking news out of north korea. if you are elected to congress this would be relevant to your job. what are your thoughts on the bluster that we're hearing from north korea these days? >> this is deeply unsettling, and it needs to be dealt with with certainty. i think it is interesting for you go all the way back to the 1940s, the korean peninsula was flit. and a lot of historians believe it was uncertainty as to whether or not america would step in as an ally in a north korea attack. and as a result of the uncertainty they did.
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when you look at it now the north korean dictator, we need to be crystal clear in terms of foreign policy and the necessity of military engagement. >> we heard that you're thankful for another chance. the fact that you were forced into a runoff and you're tied with a democrat in a reliably red district, does this suggest that voters are still hez about the? still not quite sold on your redemption? >> well, i would respectfully say, jake, if we were to put you in there with 15 other candidates, it's difficult to split a pie 16 ways and end up without a runoff. yok it's been done here. certainly along the coast. it was anticipated thatten deed there would be a runoff. just a question of whether or
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not we would end up in it. we are thankful that we did. we ended up with the nomination last night. i gez to elizabeth colbert-busch, it's important on the republican side. we've had 16 contestants in this thing. she's had a clear step to the nomination without the battle scars that we have had on this point. at this point she's relatively undefined. the doesn't have a track record or voting record with regards to votes. so the people of the first district become more clear on what she stands for or doesn't stand for, the early polls which are an indicator of name are going to change. at this point they know she's a famous comedian's sister, and at the end of the day, i think it's issues that make that difference in a race, and it's particularly issues as it relates to the pock
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book, the wallet. >> i'm going to spare you reading press releases for democrats. the word trust is being used a lot. we there was something i caught on twitter that i thought was interesting. it came from a conservative female blogger from the "washington post." you said there's going to be a real contrast on our ideas between the role of government and my opponent. she wrote and between a married responsible adult and stanford. that's a conservative republican woman expressing serious misgivings. is this not a concern you have when it comes to republican women voters in your district? >> well, they were a lot of republican conservative women voted last night. they decided to send me in. in this congressional seat, in a general election, if we make and
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ultimately carry the ideas forward. can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you. we're just showing pretty pictures. >> okay, i gotcha. i think -- where were we? >> you were talking about conservative women voting for you. >> yeah, they voted last night. and ultimately i think this guy if he wins in may should take ideas to washington, d.c. last night was a referendum on the very point that you make. and i also think to acknowledge the fact that i failed back in 2009. but there has been a lot of time since then. there was a great sermon last sunday where he said the events in your life refine or define your life. the political opponents will want to make any event define
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your life. whether it's you or me, we wish we could have handles things differently, but they help us to refine our lives and make us a better person, and make walk out into the arena more humble than before. >> so how that has this event changed you as a man? you say it may make you more em pathetic. how would you be a better public servant because of what you went through and because of the scandal? >> i think too many people? politics think they know it all. they project an image of perfection. the perfect family, the perfect person. the perfect this. the reality is that none of us are perfect. if amy projecting that i'm perfect and you're projecting that you're perfect, we're not
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having a real conversation. it's when we let our guards down and say i'm imperfect, but i'm trying the best i can. at that point really begin to have a real conversation. and if you want real conversations in washington, d.c., i think it means an added level of rue millty when you say, look, i know what i believe. i know why i believe it. i think the numbers are on my side. but let me sit down with you and let me just better understand where you're coming from. if we had more of those conversations, we see more things get done in washington to make a difference in people's lives in the first congressional district of south carolina or elsewhere in the country. >> how would you respond to somebody who says i understand where you're coming from but you oppose same-sex marriage and you are somebody who did not lead an exemplary life as a husband. who are you to deny love between two men or women when you are somebody who talks about
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following his heart, regardless of laws and traditions of the state of south carolina? why are you sitting in judgment of same-sex couples when you've had the life that you've had? >> well, what i said indeed in 1996 voted for the defensive marriage act. just as president clinton signed himself into law. just until president obama allegedly believed and prescribed the same law. what i have said is i think the current debate has little to do with same-sex marriage and a lot to do with democratic position in the country and a lot to do with the role of the courts. if you're a conservative, you believe in the notion of federalism. one size does not fit all. we shouldn't have prescriptive
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answers for the different things that we have to resolve as a family of americans. to have a set of judges deciding what marriage is or is not for all 50 states does not make sense. we're beginning to a conversation where nine states say we define marriage to include same-sex marriage. the idea the court should step in and truncate the larger debate that we need to have as americans is not to condemn it, not to say that your views are wrong. it's to say this is what i find it as. and again for another state or for washington, d.c. to prescribe to south carolina what they think same-sex marriage ought to be is contrary to where we sit down as americans. sometimes we agree. sometimes we don't. that debate should not be cut
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short. >> lastly, governor, that was a surprise guest at your victory celebration last night. your fiance has stayed out of the spotlight. i don't know if her decision alone or you discussed it or there was conversation about what the political ramifications would be. i know you're in love with her. please walk us through the decision of her being there. zl there was no decision. she completely surprised me. i was having dinner with my boys. a couple of candidates who had endorsed us in the race, they said time to go in. i round the corner. . there she is give to give me a hug and surprise me. >> well, congratulations on your victor victory. >> next, north korea green lights a nuclear attack on the u.s. we'll have details on the threat and u.s. response.
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the world lead on our show breaking news. the most serious threat of nuclear attack from north korea yet. it has given final approval for plans for a nuclear strike on the united states. this news shortly after the u.s. announced it is sending a new missile defense territory. two destroyers that can intercept missiles. general, i should note that you served as the senior intelligence officer in korea. let me read this statement coming out of north korea's army and get your reaction. the moment of explosion is approaching fast. no one will say if a war will break out today or tomorrow. we formally inform the white house that the ever escalating hospital policy towards north
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korea and the reckless threat will be smashed and cutting edge and diversify nuclear strike of north korea and that the merciless operation of the revolution regard. it says it can finally examine and ratty. how seriously would you be taking this if you were still stationed in korea as a senior intelligence officer? >> jake, that's a serious threat. we've heard this for decades. what's different now is north korea has put something in space. they've had a third nuclear test. they have a new leader. the south has a new leader. so the context is a little different. >> these two leaders are both trying to prove a point. >> they have the leader, the premier in north korea, some of
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kim jong-il. and he did that. he is doing that with the military. this is not unexpected. the difficulty is we, the united states and all the other nations can read the capabilities. we've never been good at reading their intentions. >> and u.s. officials say they're not seeing any unusual military movements along with this. does this mean it's all rhetoric? >> it's completely rhetoric right now based on what we can see in north korea. and we have capabilities to read what the north is doing. what we don't do a good job is ever penetrate the working government, if you will. o better understand their intentions, you have to be inside. we don't have that type of inside look. we can look at the capabilities and say there is no increased
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capability that we see. what we see are video clips. we see bluster. that must be taken seriously based on the contest. >> thank you so much for joining us. coming up, we worry it's not worth the hefty price tag? what if a billionaire agreed to buy it back from you in three years? that's our money lead. and it's next. what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. humans.
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in the immortal words of rizzo, i'm walking here. i'm walking.
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a new study finds the majority of people hit by cars in new york city were in the crosswalk with the walk signal on their side. but wait, there's more. good news for overweight pedestrians. the nyu study also found being on the heavy side protected you from injury on impact. and speaking of new york, talk about a room with a view. these are pictures for the observation deck on the 100 floor of one world trade center. this will not be open to the pup lick until 2015. when it's completed the tower will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere. that's 1776. tough times for government workers after the sequester and that includes the president voluntarily. a senior white house official tells cnn the commander in chief is giving back a chunk of his pay. we'll ask our panel to make the same sacrifice. you can make the checks out to
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welcome back to "the lead". i'm jake tapper. the national lead, you've heard it time and again, enforce the laws on the book. we'll show you how hard that really is. the pop culture lead. it was the most important phone call since alexander graham bell. and the sports lead. no matter who is still in your bracket, one player everybody is rooting for. kevinwa ware talks to cnn after one of the most horrifying injuries in recent memory on the court. we begin with national news. right now president obama is meeting with denver police officers as he brings his push
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to colorado. the president will speak in the next hour, not far from the aurora shooting site. since then they have passed a number of universal gun laws and restrictions on magazine sizes. the president would love to see bills like that sitting on his own desk, along with a ban on some time of semiautomatic rifles. when the senate begins its debate later this month, it looks like expanded background checks may be the only legislation that hits his desk. the one priority everybody seems to agree on is the laws on the books should be enforced. felons or those with adjudicated emotional and mental problems or those with domestic violence restraining orders. easy, right? wrong. many of these are undercover so in the report we have blurred most of their faces. the program works like this. california requires all handguns
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to be registered. so the law enforcement agents combine that list of registered gun owners with a separate list of those not allowed to have guns and they come up with a third list. these are people referred to as armed and prohibited. there are about 20,000 of them in california. and to confiscate their guns california has about 30 agents. we're on the case with special agent john marsh who spends most of his time taking guns for people who should not have them. >> i only focus on people identified as being prohibited from owning guns. those are the only people that we target. >> felons, domestic abusers, those with mental problems, all of whom are marched. danger always lies just beyond closed doors. we start east of los angeles.
1:29 pm
house after house, the person the agents are looking for is not home. and as day turns tonight, it doesn't get easier. inside this house were two young children, two guns and a man convicted of domestic violence. he would not let the agents search, so they wait. >> so now you're waiting for a judge to grant you a warrant. >> right. >> that should take two or three hours. >> the agent will have to prepare a search warrant and bring it out to the on-call judge. the court systems are closed now. >> it's a lot of work for sometimes little reward. on our night out, 8 of the 33 who do this work are the only made contact with a handful of the people they were looking for. inside this house where our cameras had to wait outside, the agents found a large confederate
1:30 pm
flag, boxes and boxes of who knows what and a felon not allowed the to be near them. he fainted while they were in inside. though some question how legislate the fantding was, they had to call an ambulance. most everyone agrees that the gun laws already on the books should be enforced but it's very labor intensetive and easier said than done. we've been here for more than an hour to go after one felon who allegedly had access to guns and ammunition illegally. already it's taken eight law enforcement agents, a fire truck and paramedics just to go after one felon. the end result. so what was the haul? >> four rifles. and one semiautomatic happened gun and corresponding ammunition for the handguns. >> in all the department of justice in california confiscated more than 10,000 weapons like this since 2006.
1:31 pm
there is still a backlog of 20,000 people. >> is it worth it? all of this to keep him away from guns? >> i think so. if those guns are in the wrong hands, and we have an opportunity to get them out, it's definitely worth it. >> every year the department sets a goal of taking guns from 2,000 people on the armed and prohibited list. and every year the agents say 3,000 more people are added to the list. just after we filmed the california legislature approved $24 million for the program, which will likely increase the number of agents they have to do the work. >> zero to 60 in 5.4 seconds. zero emissions. top speed, 125 miles per hour, all without a drop of gasoline. this is clearly not your
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father's electric car. this is the tesla model s. beginning today you can have one starting at less $500 ap month. the billionaire personally backing this bill that can cost north of $75,000. welcome. i want to get to your creative financing in is second. you're finally making money with this car. would you have been able to do this without the $465 million in loans for the obama administration? >> we probably could have succeeded without the loan. the loan allowed us to get here faster than otherwise would have been the case. so it had a catalytic effect but that was always the intent of the program. was to accelerate the advent of advanced transportation. i think it's had that effect and
1:33 pm
we've been paying off the loan and so far, so good. >> you've been talking about $500 ap month financing plan. some are questioning how realistic that is. you include cheaper fuel cost, government incentives, a shorter commute. when you factor in available hours that's heart part of the math. the atlantic called the financing claim brilliant and ultimately crazy. what do you say to that? people are putting on the wrong set of options. some of the confusion and why some people don't get it is partly due to a mistake that we made is when we first released the site, it defaulted to the most expensive version of the car. so in order to get to $500 worth the expense i version, you need
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to factor in time savings and whatnot. just by factoring in savings from gasoline, tax incentives and deductions. zl you sent a letter asking tesla fans to rally this morning to fight auto dealers trying to keep your cars out of texas. what is going hon? how much problems are you having? on the dealer side, the approach we want to take is to be able to sell direct and not have the group be a middleman that effectively increases the cost to the customer and makes the relationship negative. if you buy a car, it should be a wonderful experience. that's what we're trying to achieve at tesla and it's also very important for us to be able to convey the message of why going electric is better.
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and if you're a car dealer and you're selling six different brands all gasoline, you can't talk about why electric is better because you have a conflict of interest. so we needed a clean, pure approach, low cost, great customer experience and where we can really tap the advantages of electric. >> so lastly, tell our viewers if they buy a tesla model s, how and where do they charge it? how frequently do they have to charge it? >> in the standard version, there's over 200 miles of range, epa rated. and the bigger one is 265 miles range. you only need to charge it after you travel that sort of distance. you can plug it anywhere. you can plug it into a 110, a 220 bolt outlet, anything.
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and for long distance travel you can cruise the super charge network. you can travel from boston to virginia. it allows you to recharge three hours of driving in 0 minutes. by noon you want to stop, have lunch, maybe go to the restroom, grab a cup of coffee own be on your way. meanwhile, the car has been charging. that takes 20 to 30 minutes. >> all right. it turns out investors were not wowed by the new leasing deal. stocks dropped on the news, but the company is still up 20% from last year. true love can make a man do strange things, like lie and
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cheat and run off to arg tentin without telling anyone? what is the difference between mark sanford and bill clinton?
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what's the standard in 2013? can you cheat on your wife and be forgiven by the voters? former governor mark sanford thinks so. he clinched the republican nomination for the congressional seat he previously held for
1:41 pm
three terms. his argentinian fiance was by his side. >> i think there are too many people in politics that think that they know it all. i think they project this whole image of perfection. the perfect family, the perfect person. the perfect this. the reality is none of us are perfect. >> so do affairs event matter in politics? that's a big question. kevin, former senior adviser to mitt romney and ron brownstein, cnn political analyst. republicans are worried about this seat. they're worried he will not be able to keep it. >> yes, they are. and his answer is about as good a response of formulation that you can have in a situation.
1:42 pm
and voters have shown they are willing to forgive or look past this imperfection. having said all that, the specifics of the case make it it a big hill to climb. the republicans are concerned, at least temporarily. >> kevin, you worked for mitt romney. i hate to bring up bad memories for you. do you recall who won the south carolina republican primary? >> newt gingrich. >> and if you compare personal lives, mitt romney versus newt gingrich? >> like in sports, there are come jk ban stories. like in politics, there are comeback stories. the bigger challenge is a redemption story is one that's about you. right now voters with the anxieties that they're facing, they want this election to be about them. for mark stanford to be successful he has to get away from this redemption and make this about the voters and what
1:43 pm
they need. >> you worked for then senator hillary clinton. she had a different role in a different scandal. are voters willing to -- is there a difference between hao mark sanford versus anthony weiner? are there any rules? what would you advise mark sanford if you were working for him today? zbr it's got to be about trust. there has to be somewhat of an economic message. voters often time get past the indiscretion. but the abused taxpayer funding. he lied to people in a very out in the open way. he has to figure out how to regain trust. i also think his opponent matters in this.
1:44 pm
>> unfortunately this is the first all male panel we've had on the show. i wish we did have a woman. the idea that women voters are more turned off than male voters, does that turn out in polls? it's just more of the contrast of running with the woman forces this into the voters minds every day. just today she put out a press release saying he was belittling her. >> he's talking to her about the famous media sister. she's an accomplished businesswoman. an accomplished executive in her own right. that kind of thing can get him in hotter water. >> that's why it can't be the central message that he has here. it can't be about him.
1:45 pm
km is the way to the voters' feelings of trust? that's why he has to make this an economic argument. it has to be about anxiety. >> if he does win, does he get the primary in 2014? >> i think so. someone down there is going to think the i get him one on one i can beat him. >> the white house announced president obama would give 5% of his income to the rshry because in the tough times we all have to feel pain. >> it makes sense for him to do, but her still struggling the to make it to the threat that americans would see it as. the idea of really long lines getting on planes, that doesn't
1:46 pm
emerge yet. they are still struggling to find a way. people want action. so if the president or republicans can make concrete dr take concrete steps toward performing in a way the spending and deficit problems are affecting washington, that's a better political play. >> i'll let you have the last word. >> it's a little built of a race right now. people are going to eventually feel the price of the sequester. people are ready to feel the effects of the sequester to kevin's point, the republicans have to change the way things are done before people are feeling it. >> i want to bring in our neighbor right now. i don't know if you're familiar with this guy. he's the mr. roker of the lead. you're much more handsome. >> excellent panel. >> you like this? >> very good lucking, smart.
1:47 pm
>> they're going to want to stick around and watch "the situation room." we have a lot of news, including the latest of what's going on in north korea right now. the former secretary of state, madeline albright has been to north korea during the clinton administration. she went there and met with kim jong il and brought him a basketball signed by michael jordan. we're going to taub about what's going on tonight. there's a new book about him. he has thoughts about a whole range of issues. you know hz has thoughts on that. and we'll have live coverage of the president's speech on guns in denver. >> i hear music. i have to cut you off. remember the good old days when kids talked instead of texted and people made plans before they left the house?
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this just in to cnn, a helicopter lying on the ground in blames after plunging from the sky in miami-dade county in florida. details are sketchy at the moment. we're told that two people were on board this helicopter, but we have no reports of injuries yet. no word yet either on what caused the crash. we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you up to date. but now it is time for our pop culture. happy birthday, cell phones. 40 looks good on you.
1:52 pm
the invention that was once awkward and bulky is sleeker and refined with age. we should all be so lucky. erin, cell phones are more than a decade older than you. that upsets me. but tell me more about this anniversary. >> do you recognize this old thing? >> i used to see things like that on "the x files." your generation would see this as gordon gecko's cell phone. my generation would see it as zach morris' cell phone. cell phones are already over the hill. maybe you've been using one for 15 years, even 20. but the first call was way back in 1973. >> do you ever think they would be as ubiquitous as they are today? >> we knew in 1973 that some day
1:53 pm
everybody would have a cell phone. we used to tell the joke that some day when you were born you would be assigned a cell phone number and if you didn't have a phone you died. >> he made the first ever call from a prototype. in 1996, the first flip phone, and in twech apple revolutionedize the market with the iphone. and then car phones. once so revolutionary and no so obsolete and in many cases against the law. but it inspired the cell phone. they caught a glimpse by watching everyone from gordon gecko. >> i don't care where or how you get it. just get it. >> to zach morris. >> what's wrong with me? i got laryngitis plus nasal drip. >> in the '90s cell phones took off and got way more user
1:54 pm
friendly. they shrank way down in size. >> turn off my phone? turn off my phone? >> yeah. >> earth to matilda. this phone is as much a part of me as -- >> can we cut it out with all the earth tos, please? >> we're not saying this is the earth calling you. >> yeah, i got that. >> these days new types of cell phones are in the market to let users access the sbempbt, play movies. now apple is about to introduce the iphone 6. as of last year six billion cell phones were in use throughout the world. and cell phone use is rapidly developing in smaller countries. >> you're going to have a phone in your earrings or mind your ear or imbedded in your skin so you can make phone calls by thinking about what you want to do. >> and so jake, marty cooper is
1:55 pm
84 years old. he's had more than 100 different cell phones. he says he will get another in the next month or two. i've had five. this is my fifth. you are a lot more hip than i with your iphone. >> your report says there's going to be an iphone 6. >> some time in the next few months there's speculation. >> his coach cried. his teammates collapsed to the floor. what was it like for kevin ware himself? the moment his leg broke. he will tell us one-on-one in our sports lead, and that's next. and the lowest middle class income tax rate in 60 years... and a billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives. new opportunities for business. over 250,000 new private sector jobs were created over the last two years. and 17 straight months of job growth. with the most private sector jobs ever. lower taxes, new incentives, new jobs, now that's news. to grow or start your business in the new new york visit
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. the nation watched him suffer a sickening broken leg during the game on sunday night. now he is back talking about it for the first time since the injury to our own rachel nichols. >> this is a big game. we're on a big stage right now. so my first instinct is i can't start crying. i'm just thinking in my head, what can i do?
1:59 pm
i'm like, i got to win this game. i'm going to be good. coach starts calling the guys over there. they kind of got it together, and they made me proud. they beat duke by 22 and we still got another goal to accomplish. >> the next step for ware may be a trip to atlanta for the final four but he has to get a doctor's permission to ride the bus with the team. rutgers university fired men's basketball coach mike rice no more than a day after a video was aired of him acting like a bigoted lunatic. today rice also came out to give a too little, too late apology. it shows him, grabbing, shoving, kicking players, calling a player a fairy and a more offensive word that starts with an "f." iea

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